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  1. All vendors must pay before setting up.
  2. All vendors will lose their space if not present by 7 a.m.
  3. All vendors with reservations must notify Selma Flea Market at least 24 hours before the date of setup or forfeit their rent if no-show.
  4. Regular vendors who fail to show up or call within 24 hours of set-up will lose their permenant spaces.
  5. Vendors located in the middle of the aisles must park their vehicles in customer parking.
  6. Each vendor is required to clean their space each day, no boxes or discarded merchandise is to be left.
  7. Merchandise should be displayed so as not to cause a safety hazard or inconvenience. Business like conduct is required: no rudness, profanity, alcohol or illegal merchandise will be allowed.
  8. Any vendor using electrical power is required to pay an electrical fee (minimum of $3.00). ABSOLUTELY NO electrical heaters, fans, cooking appliances, etc, are to be used. NO EXTENSION CORDS are to be used unless approved by management.
  9. Do not sit or lean on tables.
  10. Management reserves the right to prohibit the sale and use of certain items such as any type of weapon, ammunition, fireworks, offensive materials.
  11. No snap pops, firecrackers, explosives, etc, are allowed.
  12. No foods cooked or drinks sold unless approved by management.
  13. No tables or racks are to be moved without management's approval.
  14. No dogs are allowed on the grounds of the flea market.
  15. All vendors are responsible for their children and their behaviour.
  16. No staples are to be used on the tables.
  17. Electric plugs are only for trying out appliances.
  18. Selma Flea Market reserves the right to change any and all of the above rules without notice.
Selma Flea Market is not responsible for injuries, accidents, theft and fire damage. Nor does the flea market guarantee the condition of the vendor's products. Selma Flea Market assumes no responsibility for any items lost, stolen or damaged while on these premises. Vendors agree to hold Selma Flea Market harmless from any liabilty or damage arising from vendors' use of the premises and for injury to persons or property resulting from items sold or exchanged by vendor.

Selma Flea Market
606 River Rd.
Selma, AL 36701
(334) 875-0500